Behind The Brush: Ben Gordon, Co-Founder of Wandering Bear Coffee

On Wandering Bear, His Morning Routine, and His Hidden Talent!

In today’s Behind The Brush, we chat with Ben Gordon, co-founder, Wandering Bear Coffee.

Can you give us a little background on yourself and WANDERING BEAR?

Originally from the great state of Michigan. Spent the first 23 years of my life there, then headed west, landing in LA for a few years while working in the entertainment biz. Decided to hit the re-set button on my career and went back to B school, which brought me to NYC. First week on campus at Columbia I met Matt Bachmann — we were both drinking cold brew and were pretty good at it, so decided to go pro, and Wandering Bear was born.

Where do you call home these days? 

Brooklyn Heights, NY

Describe your morning ritual and tell the ONE thing your morning ritual MUST ALWAYS include. 

Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Goes off again. Snooze. Goes off one more time and my wife hits me (in a loving way). I get up. Shower. Dress. Pour a cup of WB from the box in the fridge…if I’ve failed to re-stock us, I pick up a WB single-serve from Han’s Market, great bodega by my subway stop (2/3 @ Clark St). Read the NYTimes on my phone on subway ride in. [cold brew and quick read of news are the two things I must always include].

How many cups of coffee are too much coffee? Is there such a thing?

Not sure, haven’t found the ceiling yet. Just as I think I’m getting close, my tolerance catches up. Caffeine is basically a vitamin for me at this point.

What’s a hidden talent you have with your mouth? 

I’m pretty good at keeping it shut. Always liked the old adage “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.”

What’s your favorite bathroom or best/most memorable one that you’ve been to? Where and why?


Tell the truth: Floss or no floss? Always? Sometimes? Never? Only when your Dentist asks?

I floss at least as often as I eat ribs.