Goby Review Round-Up: 7 Reasons Why No Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth Better

Honest Reviews from Satisfied Users!

We absolutely love hearing from passionate Goby users and how their Goby brush has changed the way they brush. Today we look at some of our recent favorites that focus on just how clean the Goby brush gets their teeth!

    • “The Goby has made such a dramatic difference in my dental health. My teeth feel cleaner and look brighter and I cannot imagine my life without a Goby. I’m even going to purchase another for my boyfriend. I’ve raved about it to him so much, he wants one too now :).”  – Angela A.
    • “I’ve been using Goby for the last 6 months and have absolutely loved the experience. What’s even better is that I recently went to the dentist, who told me my teeth have never been cleaner! Great product that delivers fantastic results. Thanks, Goby!” – David V.
    • “This toothbrush is AMAZING. I have been struggling with bleeding gums for years and after just a week of using my new Goby, no bleeding! And the all-black sure is pretty! Love my new toothbrush!!!” – Christina W.
    • “Amazing toothbrush! My dentist could see a noticeable difference and commented that he really didn’t need to do much at my last cleaning! Would definitely recommend!” – Anthony WB.
    • “Goby has changed my hygiene routine significantly. After brushing with my Goby (highly recommend that orange color, by the way), my mouth feels fresh, my teeth shine, and my gums feel healthy. The price point is a no-brainer and the product is substantial and fun to use.” – Jake R.
    • “I absolutely love my GOBY brush. After every brush my teeth are left feeling super clean as if I just left the dentist. The brush head fits perfectly with the shape of my teeth & really helps fight plaque build up (especially on my retainer which is permanently behind my bottom teeth & susceptible to plaque). Also, the charging time is relatively short compared to how long the battery has lasted. Shout out to GOBY customer service for helping me work through some questions when I first ordered my brush. So happy with this purchase! Definitely worth it.” – Siiri R.
    • “I have tried every toothbrush on the market. Goby beats them all. My teeth sparkle and food residue between my teeth is gone. I love this toothbrush!!!!” – Susanne Q.

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