Behind The Brush: Alexandra Blodgett

Get to Know Fitness Founder, Alendra Blodgett, and What Makes Her Special!

In today’s Behind The Brush, we chat with Alexandra Blodgett, Co-Founder and CMO of Revere.

Can you give us a little background on yourself and Revere?

I’m the CMO and Co-Founder of Revere. I started the company with my partners Matt and Jasper after we became sketched out by all the “healthy” supplements being sold with false marketing. So, we created chemical-free workout nutrition. Revere will tailor an assortment of on-the-go packets to your existing workout routine and goals. All of our ingredients are plant-based and powerful. You’ll have the best workout of your life, full stop. 

Where do you call home these days? 

Soho, NYC

Describe your morning ritual and tell the ONE thing your morning ritual MUST ALWAYS include. 

My morning is centered around getting enough energy to roll out of my bed and into a workout. I need some help with that, so it usually involves loud music, a cold water splash to my face, and of course, drinking our Revere Peach Tea Pre-Energy. The one thing it always includes? Hitting the snooze button, twice. 

What’s a hidden talent you have with your mouth? 

I can both roll my tongue and crease it in (four leave clover?) Apparently only a small percentage of humans can do both, so you could say I’m pretty, pretty, pretty special.

What’s your favorite bathroom or best/most memorable one that you’ve been to? Where and why?

I love the bathrooms at The Top Of The Standard in NYC. They have floor to ceiling windows and amazing lighting. You overlook the entire city. I’ve had many nights with my girlfriends cramming in those bathrooms to recap the evening’s events, refresh our make-up, dance on our own, and stage impromptu photoshoots. 

Finish this sentence – “In two minutes, I can…”

Hold a plank without breaking. 2:01? I crumble. 

Tell the truth: Floss or no floss? Always? Sometimes? Never? Only when your Dentist asks?

I try my best! Not daily, but almost.